We will understand why at a preparation other name, and is it good as its analogs. We learn its useful methods of application and contraindications.

It is necessary to know what to accept inside.

Cialis (tadafil) relaxes penis muscles. It enlarges blood inflow to a penis that is necessary for achievement of a long erection. Cialis is applied to treatment of dysfunction of an erection. The preparation Cialis is intended for men of middle age, a pill is taken inside. The recommended daily dose of reception makes 20 mg (1 tablet). The pill should be taken in 15 minutes prior to alleged sex contact, irrespective of meal. The preparation has the prolonged action, you can carry out attempts of sexual contact within 36 hours and develop optimum time of reception individually. The similar dose - no more the 20th milligram per day is recommended to elderly patients. Special selection of a dose of a preparation with disturbance of functionality of a liver and kidneys it isn't required to patients. Cialis isn't intended for the use to the persons which haven't reached 18-year age.

The preparation has no essential impact on concentration of alcohol in a blood at single reception. However it isn't necessary to accept a preparation at the use of larger doses of alcohol.

Order Cialis is possible in online store, having naturally chosen the solid seller. It is better to spend a little time for a similar choice and to be quiet that got a good preparation, instead of a fake. Efficiency and safety of a preparation estimated in 21 researches up to 6 months at 3000 patients aged from 19 till 87 years with erectile dysfunction various reason of emergence (organic, psychogenic or admixed). Efficiency of a preparation estimated globally with use of the diary of erections, the international index of erectile function and poll of the partner. Efficiency preparation, defined as ability to reach and support an erection, sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse, was shown in all conducted researches and confirmed in long-term researches lasting 1 year. In researches with application of the fixed dose a ratio of the patients who have reported that therapy improved their erection, made: 62% (dose of 25 mg), 74% (a dose of 50 mg) and 82% (a dose of 100 mg), in comparison with 25% in group of placebo. The analysis of the international index of erectile function showed that in addition to erection improvement treatment Cialis y also increased quality of an orgasm, allowed to reach satisfaction from sexual intercourse and the general satisfaction.

According to the generalized data, among the patients who have reported about improvement of an erection at treatment by a preparation there were 59% of patients with diabetic, 43% of the patients who have transferred a radical and 83% of patients with injuries of a spinal cord (in comparison with 16%, 15% and 12% in group of placebo respectively).

Whether it is possible to try to frame a generalized character of the consumer of these preparations? According to psychologists, the need for Cialis first of all is taped at inhabitants of the large cities. Sex revolution led to that even more often sex contacts happen between unfamiliar people: the fellow workers who have got acquainted at a party or on the announcement on the Internet.

Thus in consciousness of the majority of people there is an image of the ideal man always ready to sex and wishing it. Trying to correspond to such representation, men take a pill secretly.

One more interesting fact — interaction of these drugs with nutrition and alcohol. It is known that on an empty stomach Cialis acts much quicker, than at meal. However, though slowly, the effect all the same comes. As for alcohol, how it is approved in fair brochures, with it doesn't interact — unlike competitors. It is possible, because advantage doubtful: abuse of alcohol — one of the frequent reasons of an impotency.